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Hero Spotlight - The Femme Fatale

The Femme Fatale is a master at finishing off wounded enemies, and dealing high damage to those that are out of position. With the ability to manipulate the incoming enemy reinforcements, the Femme Fatale makes for a powerful ally to any squad.

Focused Shots is the Femme Fatale's versatile basic attack. It is the only skill action in the game that allows a hero the opportunity to distribute damage to targets AFTER the attack dice have been rolled. Not only does this allow her to choose multiple targets in a single action, but damage is also never wasted when targeting wounded enemies.

Lure gives the Femme Fatale the ability to control the enemy reinforcements that will enter the game after the squad's turn. It is a high risk/reward ability, as using it runs the risk of pulling 2 high-damaging frontline enemies to choose from; not ideal targets, as the Femme Fatale does her best work when dealing with 'out of position' ranged enemies.

Assassinate is one of the highest damaging skill actions in the game, but requires some setup to perform. The Femme Fatale can set herself up for an Assassinate from a Lure, or with help from her team. The Heavy Support's 'Chain Gun', the Brawler's 'Beckon', and the Sharpshooter's 'Eagle Eye' are all skills that the squad can use to assist the Femme Fatale in eliminating even the toughest ranged-type enemies.

The Femme Fatale must often put herself in more dangerous situations due to the unpredictable nature of Lure and close quarters Assassinations. As such, her rampage ability, Behind Enemy Lines, gives her extra breathing room to make high risk plays, and then vanishing without a trace.

Stay tuned as we continue to spotlight the powerful, varied cast of Last Stand!

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