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Hero Spotlight - The Brawler

The Brawler is the close-quarters all-star of the Last Stand heroes. With a skillset focused on dealing high amounts of damage to any enemy within range of his fists, the Brawler is a great choice for players who prefer a strong, yet straightforward playstyle.

The Brawler is at his best when surrounded by frontline enemies. Pummel and Roundhouse Kick are both high damaging skills, offering the Brawler the choice in weakening multiple enemies, or focusing on a single target. Rounding off the Brawler with some utility, Beckon provides him with a way to taunt enemies into moving next to him. Why move when you can bring the enemies to you?

But Beckon can be more useful than just easier positioning for the Brawler. Consider the following board. The Brawler is the last player of the round and is now taking his turn. The rest of the heroes are currently in the crosshairs of the Machine Gunner, whose attacks deal damage to ALL heroes in his range. Furthermore, the Machine Gunner is being protected by the Brute, who prevents all damage dealt to enemies positioned behind him. Luckily, the Machine Gunner is in an adjacent quadrant to the Brawler...


Using Beckon, the squad has been spared a potentially high amount of incoming damage. With 2 actions remaining, the Brawler has a choice. He can use 2 move actions to regroup with his squad, guaranteeing that he'll avoid damage during the enemy assault. Or, he can try his luck at taking down the Machine Gunner with a couple Pummels. Fortune favors the bold...right?

Rounding off the Brawler is his Rampage ability, Bull Rush. The ability to move to any squad space (not just adjacent) makes the ability useful for positioning the attack, or moving to a safer location.

Though a stout character, the Brawler will usually find himself in more precarious positions than most. His close-range nature puts him directly in harms way of frontline enemies, who are normally avoidable by the ranged heroes. Support from teammates in the form of extra movement (Demolitionist Flare / Combat Medic Adrenaline Shot) or enemy positioning (Sharpshooter Eagle Eye / Femme Fatale Lure) will go a long way in helping the Brawler do what he does best: Bring the pain!

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