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Enemy General - The Firestarter

Only 1 day left to go for the Last Stand campaign! Thank you everybody for your interest and support in the game, we are so very grateful. In celebration, we're detailing what the Heroes will be up against when facing one of our enemy Generals: The Firestarter.

Taking down the enemy General is the Heroes' path to victory in Last Stand. But the task will not be easy. The Generals will only reveal themselves after all 3 Lieutenants have been defeated. However, the Generals won't just sit idly by while this happens. Each General has their own set of mechanics that will make the Heroes' lives that much tougher during the onslaught.

While not in play, the Firestarter sets ablaze squad spaces at random throughout the conflict. At the start of the squad turn, the 8-sided placement die is rolled for each Lieutenant that has entered play, and a fire token is placed in the corresponding squad spaces. At the start of the enemy assault phase, heroes take 2 damage for every fire token on their space. After damage is dealt, all fire tokens are removed from the board.

For example, consider the board bellow. It is the 6th turn (marked by the Reinforcement Track), meaning 2 Lieutenants have entered play so far in the game. At the start of the squad turn, the 8-sided placement die is rolled 2 times, with the results 3 and 5. Fire tokens are then placed in the corresponding squad spaces.

It is now up to the heroes to deal with the new precarious board. If the Combat Medic (shown in blue) and the Femme Fatale (shown in yellow) do not move before the start of the enemy assault phase, they will each take 2 damage. Heroes with movement abilities, like the Heavy Support, Combat Medic, and Demolitionist, are especially handy for helping the squad get to safer positions.

Once in play, it's a race against the clock to take down the General before the Heroes run out of time or get overwhelmed. Similar to the Grenadier, the Firestarter's attack targets all players on the board with a 2 power attack. Additionally, the Firestarter is bolstered by his minions. After attacking, the Firestarter gains 2 armor for every minion in the same quadrant as the Firestarter. In the example bellow, the Firestarter would gain 4 armor after attacking, as long as the Grunt and Brute remain after the squad turn.

Heroes will not want to linger. Simultaneously keeping the board under control while also hammering the General is the final challenge that must be overcome. But with good tactics and solid teamwork, the Heroes might just overcome the odds!

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