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Last Stand - A Cooperative Action Board Game


Last Stand is a cooperative board game in which players assume the role of action heroes holding their ground against a battalion of enemy forces.  Surrounded, the squad must work together in order to survive the onslaught and defeat the enemy forces' powerful general.


Last Stand has a strong focus on teamwork.  With 6 different heroes to choose from, players will have many options at their disposal when dealing with each encounter.  Should the Combat Medic blast an enemy into your Demolitionist's well-placed mine?  Maybe your Sharpshooter should use their 'Eagle Eye' skill to spot an enemy right in front of your close-quarters Brawler?  No matter what you decide, Last Stand is sure to challenge your inner tactician and keep you on the edge of your seat with every roll of the dice!


Featuring artwork from cartoonist, Jayson Kretzer, players will encounter a diverse and stylized cast of enemies to fend off.  Along with over a dozen different Minions and Lieutenants, Last Stand includes several powerful Generals to test your wits against:  The Watcher, The Beast, and The Firestarter.  Each General possesses special mechanics that will force you to alter your strategy and change the way you approach each game.


Grab your friends, assemble the team, and take a stand!

How to Play

Last Stand Rulebook

*Video Guide Coming Soon*

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