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Last Stand Kickstarter Wrap-up

It's been several months since the last project update, so I'd like to fill everybody in on the current state of affairs.

All Kickstarter copies of the game (both physical and digital) should be shipped and delivered. The comments and reviews regarding Last Stand are most appreciated. It is great to hear from people enjoying the game, and feedback in any capacity is always welcome. The goal was to deliver a fun, challenging, and team-oriented cooperative experience, and I hope your expectations have been met.

If there are any questions regarding the understanding or interpretation of rules, I am happy answer them. Feel free to send any such queries via or the forums for the game.

And I think that does it. We'll keep everybody informed on any new updates regarding Last Stand or future Woodtop Worlds projects. Once again, thank you all for your support. This would not have been possible without you.


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