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New Kickstarter Soon - Lessons Learned

We're fast approaching the relaunch of the Last Stand Kickstarter! After a bit of time to unwind, we've taken a step back and worked to improve the game and campaign for this next crowdfunding attempt. We received valuable feedback during the last effort, which we've since tried our best to address.

Probably the most frequent question was whether or not we were looking into character miniatures for the heroes, as people felt rather lukewarm about the generic pawns. Miniatures are now a stretch goal for the game, albeit a lofty one. Happily, the new Kickstarter version of Last Stand will contain upgraded hero stands, representing our awesome heroes on the board in a much more pleasing manner. These stands are Kickstarter exclusive, and hopefully will help alleviate the issues potential backers had with the more mundane pawns.

Since the previous crowdfunding attempt, Last Stand has been further exposed to the public via open playtest sessions at various events. The game has been showcased at local game stores as well as Panama City CreativeCon, where sessions of Last Stand were run with many curious attendees throughout the day. Feedback from these types of public trials, as well as further internal testing, have been invaluable at tweaking the game's balance and mechanics for maximum awesome.

Finally, our new goal will be much, much lower to accommodate a smaller print run of the game from a domestic manufacturer (GameCrafter). The original Kickstarter goal will still appear as a campaign stretch goal, which would enable a print run from manufacturer Panda GM (who we would still love to work with, funds permitting). Though we're no less ambitious than before, the new lowered funding goal will give us a much better shot at getting the game into the hands of those looking forward to playing it.

It can be easy to feel like the "little guy" in this vast sea of great looking crowdfunding campaigns. We are small, but passionate, and we have poured our heart into making an enjoyable gaming experience. We hope you will consider giving us a look when we venture off once more into the world of Kickstarter.

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