Enemy Sneak Peak #4

With 4 days to go in the campaign, we're back with another enemy sneak peak! This time we take a look at a pair of hard hitting Lieutenants who will definitely throw a wrench into the heroes' plans.

Most Lieutenants will add extra minions to the reinforcements pile when they enter play, causing a slight spike in difficulty for the heroes. Saving rampage abilities to handle the Lieutenants and extra minions can be a good strategy when dealing with the larger reinforcements. The Grenadier is one such Lieutenant. Though only attacking with 2 power, the Grenadier does his damage to all heroes on the board. To make matters worse, defeating the Grenadier forces the squad to decide if one hero will take a hit for the team, or if everyone will take an extra damage equally.

The Champion is a frontline specialist, sporting several abilities that make him particularly troublesome to deal with. The keywords for the Champion break down as follows:

Ambush - When the enemy is placed, it immediately performs its attack to all heroes in range.

Immovable - Once place, the enemy cannot be moved using hero abilities.

Retaliate - After receiving damage, if the enemy is still undefeated, it immediately performs an attack.

Putting it all together makes for an immovable, counter-attacking melee monster! Dealing with the Champion at close range is very dangerous. Unless you're feeling particular brave, the squad should rely on its long range heroes to whittle down the Champion, avoiding the damaging retaliation by keeping to a safe distance.

More updates to come as we prepare for the Kickstarter campaign wrap-up, with our eyes on moving towards production! Stay tuned!

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