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Hero Spotlight - The Combat Medic

The shotgun-toting Combat Medic is a reliable choice for any squad, providing a great combination of support and enemy displacement skills. But don't let the name fool you, the Combat Medic is quite capable of dishing out punishment with the best of them.

More akin to the Brawler's close-quarters abilities, the Combat medic is unable to target enemies across squad spaces. However, her basic attack, Piercing Blast, allows the Combat Medic to damage enemies in adjacent "columns." In the example the below, the Combat Medic (shown in blue) has the option to either attack the lone Machine Gunner with 4 power, or both the Grunt and Rifleman for 3 power. While attacking with 3 power to 2 enemies is generally a more optimal choice, the ability to finish of single enemies is still available.

Adrenaline Shot is the true support skill of the Combat Medic. Though only usable once per turn and not on herself, the combination of giving a rampage cube with a free movement (even diagonal) to a fellow hero is very powerful, especially when moving them out of dangerous locations.

The Combat Medic's enemy re-positioning skill, Blowback, can be used for both offensively or defensively. It can allow her to set up a stronger Piercing Blast, or move a dangerous enemy out of range. In the example below, the Combat Medic (shown in blue) has 1 action remaining. Unable to defeat the frontline Grunt in a single Piercing Blast, she instead attacks the Grunt with Blowback.

She rolls a 1, 4, and 6, resulting in 2 damage to the Grunt, and then moves the Grunt to one of the open ranged spaces. The Grunt, with an attack range of 1, is now unable to deal damage to any hero on the board.

Rounding off the Combat Medic is her rampage ability, Aid Station. When used, the Combat Medic creates a temporary space of refuge for the heroes, preventing all damage during the enemy assault phase. This ability is not only a lifesaver, but can also let the heroes be more offensive for a round, especially as the game goes on and the board begins to get out of hand.

The campaign might be winding down, but our excitement certainly isn't! Stay tuned for more updates on Last Stand!

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