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Enemy Sneak Peak #3

Last Stand is 95% funded! Thank you to all of our backers, we're almost there!

In this enemy sneak peak, we start to get into the real heavy hitters the heroes will have to deal with throughout the game.

The Machine Gunner is one of the deadlier ranged minions the heroes will encounter. Whereas enemy attacks normally target a single hero, the Machine Gunner deals his damage to all heroes within his range. Though stout for a ranged minion, the Machine Gunner should be a priority target to swiftly eliminate. However, other minions can make that job much harder for the squad...

The Brute protects any enemy that is standing behind him from all sources of damage. With the most health of all the enemy minions, the Brute can be extremely painful to deal with. If protecting a high priority target, heroes should use abilities to move the Brute away. Skills like the Combat Medic's 'Blowback', the Heavy Support's 'Flush Out', and the Brawler's 'Beckon', can all be used to accomplish this. But be aware that the Brute is a stubborn minion, and will attempt to Charge into the frontline (if available) before performing his attack during the enemy assault phase.

The Charger is one of Last Stand's enemy Lieutenants. Entering play every few game rounds, all Lieutenants in the villain deck must be defeated before the General can be confronted. The Charger can make a bad situation even worse, especially if placed in a full quadrant, by surprising the heroes with a bonus enemy assault.

Stay tuned as we continue to showcase the heroes and enemies of Last Stand, and thank you once again for your continued support!

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