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Enemy Sneak Peak #2

We're back again with another enemy sneak peak! As always, thank you so much to our backers that are helping to make this project a reality. Your support means the world to us. Now on to the enemies!

The Grunt is the basic frontline enemy. No frills, just straight to business. Though lacking range, the health and power of the frontline minions tend to be much more formidable than their ranged bretheren. This is exemplified by one of the more unhinged members of the enemy forces...

The Berserker is a wild and stout force to be reckoned with. Once placed, the Berserker cannot be moved by hero actions. If left alone, the Berserker's power isn't too bad to handle. But once engaged, the heroes must choose to either finish the job, or get out of his way, as his rage-fueled 5 power attack can be highly dangerous. Unfortunately for the heroes, taking cover is not an option against Last Stand's next enemy minion...

The Sniper can be a real thorn in the squad's side. The Sniper does not obey standard line-of-sight rules, and has no maximum range. There's no hiding from his attack. To make matters worse, the Sniper always targets the hero with the least health, making him a real problem once the health pools start dropping.

Stay tuned as we continue to round out the enemy cast of Last Stand!

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