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Enemy Sneak Peak #1

Today we'll be giving you a sneak peak at some of the enemy minions you will encounter on the battlefield in Last Stand.

The Rifleman is the lowliest ranged fighter of the enemy forces. Though having a range of 3, his low health and low power generally make him less of a threat to deal with. However, that can change with a few other enemies on the field...

Though also not the strongest in terms of health and power, the Motivator can make an already threatening board much more dangerous. If the Motivator still remains during the Enemy Assault Phase and is in the same quadrant as the Rifleman, the once not-so-threatening minion can now deal a much more threatening 4 power attack to the heroes. Increasing the power of his fellow minions puts a large target on the Motivator's head, but other threats on the board will also demand the attention of the heroes, sometimes causing difficult decisions to be made.

The Commando can throw a serious wrench (or grenade) into the plans of the heroes. A tough frontline fighter, the Commando doesn't appreciate being ignored. Unless the heroes can take down the Commando, someone on the hero squad will need to be in range to take the Commando's 4 power attack, else the whole team will suffer a big amount of damage from his grenades. And if there's a Motivator in the same quadrant, kicking that 4 power up to 6, things can start to get ugly quick!

Proper positioning, prioritizing the right enemies, and utilizing each character's unique skills, will be absolutely critical for the heroes to overcome such overwhelming odds!

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