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Hero Spotlight - The Heavy Support

The Heavy Support is one of the more versatile heroes in Last Stand's cast of characters. His skillset focuses on helping the team engage enemies, retreat, and reposition threats to better suit the needs of the squad.

Chain Gun is the Heavy Support's flexible damage skill. By allowing him to deal damage to enemies adjacent to his initial target, the Chain Gun can let the Heavy Support reach enemies that would normally be out of range.

Battle Charge is a valuable team movement skill that lets the Heavy Support take other heroes on his space to any squad space. Normal move actions only allow heroes to move to adjacent spaces, making the cost to move to a diagonal squad spaces 2 actions; very costly! With Battle Charge, the Heavy Support can move any number of heroes with him, including diagonally, all for one action! This also allows for other heroes to end their turns in otherwise dangerous positions on the board, as long as the Heavy Support will be able to swoop in and carry them out of trouble.

Flush Out gives the Heavy Support the power to control enemy positioning. This can be used offensively to help set up heroes for better attacks, or defensively to prevent damage during the enemy assault phase.

The Heavy Support's rampage ability, Spray and Pray, can make for a truly devestating turn. The potentially high damaging ability lets the Heavy Support distribute damage to enemies after the dice roll, allowing for maximum damage potential to multiple targets.

Let's put all of these skills together for an example turn. Consider the board bellow. The Heavy Support (shown in red) is the current first player. The Heavy Support is positioned nicely to target the weakened Motivator 2 spaces below him. Targeting the motivator, he rolls 3 power with dice results 2, 4, and 5, resulting in 2 damage and defeating the motivator! Since the Rifleman was adjacent to the Motivator, the Heavy Support rolls an additional 2 power attack on him with results 1 and 6 (1 damage total).

With the Motivator out of the way, attention is turned to the Machine Gunner. Though the Machine Gunner is in range of Chain Gun, the damage is not optimal as there are no adjacent enemies. Knowing that the Femme Fatale (shown in yellow) does high damage to enemies that are out of position (not in their normal frontline/ranged type space), he decides to set her up for her upcoming turn. The Heavy Support uses Flush Out, attacking the Machine Gunner with 2 power. He rolls a 3 and 4, resulting in 1 damage, and then moves the motivator to the adjacent frontline space next to the heroes. He is now positioned nicely for a deadly attack from the Femme Fatale once her turn comes around.

Finally, the Heavy Support uses his last remaining action to help the Brawler (shown in green) get into position. Normally it would take 2 move actions for the Brawler to move into the space next to the Grunt and Brute. Luckily, the Heavy Support uses Battle Charge, moving both heroes into the space for a single action.

The team is now better positioned to continue to make the most of their subsequent turns, all thanks to the highly versatile Heavy Support!

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